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Urban regeneration by Acupuncture Method

Part 2 Dissertation 2011
Jiyoon Gu
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
Namdaemun Market is Korea's most famous market area. Existing literature on the area mostly focused on its characteristics as a market. However, there is another aspect to be found in Namdaemun Market as well, that is the architectural features (of Namdaemun market) regarding formation and transformation by diverse subjects to accommodate the concentration of people and commodities. The urban development policy in the 1970s and 1980s in Seoul focused on total demolishment and ignored local community. It should have considered of site-specificity and improvement of the city's overall condition. The urban regeneration plan can be an alternative way of urban development to maintain the sustainable local community.

Urban regeneration means reviving economic depression of the city through implementation of physical redevelopment plans with appropriate programming for revitalization. It includes all acts that fix the city’s current physical, social and economic problems, including urban redevelopment and urban revitalization plans.

In this thesis, a basic idea of urban revival is established by the morphology of urban regeneration development policy according to its urban structure. This thesis aims to regenerate the Namdaemun Market in Seoul by Urban Acupuncture Method. Urban Acupuncture Method inferred from the treatment theory for human body in oriental medicine. Regeneration by Urban Acupuncture Method induces a flow of physical energy and people aimed for mutual communication without destructing inherent network of local community. Urban Acupuncture Method aimed for mutual communication is considered sustainable in today’s contemporary urban where a variety of difference must coexist.

Key word : Urban Acupuncture Method, Urban regeneration, network, communication, aperture, traverse, Mutual linked

Jiyoon Gu

Bongryol Kim
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