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Desirable Environment of One’s Own Room through Observing Hikikomori

Part 2 Dissertation 2012
Yeseul Song
Korea National University of Arts Seoul South Korea
Nowadays, room is not only physical space but also the reason of one's existence. As society getting developed, some people don’t adapt the society and they confined themselves in their room cutting off communication. These people are called 'Hikikomori'.

I’ve focused on the fact that hikikomori remains in the houses for 24 hours and one of effective influence is 'environment' as itself. Therefore, if we make environment which satisfy their desire then it is also good for normal people.

The purpose of this study is to find desirable environment of one's own room through analysis of hikikomori's character of behavior in therapeutic way. I conceptualized healing environment based on thesis which deal with connection between psychological healing theory of Max Luscher and spatial expression elements. In this point, residence environment of hikikomori is observed and Desirable environment of room is inferred through this process.

Yeseul Song

Donson Woo
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