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[Liminal] the seductive being

Part 2 Dissertation 2012
Niall Donnelly
Ulster University UK
The dissertation is an investigation into the importance of the liminal space. This space is the in-between space which can be overlooked in the design process. The dissertation provides an analogy that explores the importance of the liminal in the reading of a space, and as a design tool in the creation of architecture which is both unique and transformative. Another premise of the dissertation is that intimacy and friendship feed creativity. The dissertation investigates the seduction and allure of the liminal. Liminal not only refers to the space but also to the people mentioned in the dissertation. Love for similar aspirations and intentions are important for creativity. The liminal offers an understanding as to how the desire to design “the seductive” can be offered as an extension of one’s love for the other. Liminal can heighten the spatial experience in architecture enabling the desire to create seductive spaces.

Love is the master and governor of the arts. . . . [N]o one can ever discover or
learn any art unless the pleasure of learning and the desire of discovering move
him. . . . [A]rtists in all of the arts seek and care for nothing else but love.
Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium On Love (trans. Sears Jayne)

Niall Donnelly

Niall Donnelly

Dr Taina Marjatta Rikala
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