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Darkness, Architecture, Photography: Behind the Masks and Illusions

Part 2 Dissertation 2012
Mark Walker
Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland
"FinallY, after look ing into the light fir so long, the moment arrived when the rye started hurtingfrom the
brightness rif sunlight and electriltJllY lit salons. Onefled into the shadow rif the evening andflIt most
comfi rtable at the hourrifdawn when grry blace veils covered all things': Richard Muther

I feel that darkness and rich shadows have been neglected, in favour of an over abundance
of light. Through my research I sought to investigate the power which darkness and shadow
within space hold over us, as well as examine the societal and individual impact of shadows,
darkness and light, but also why darkness and shadow are needed within architecture.

Mark Walker

Noel Brady
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