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Bamboo Barrel House Museum in Guangzhou

Part 2 Project 2003
Yip Wing Hang Wendy
University of Hong Kong China
Bamboo barrel houses are narrow and deep houses creating long ¡¥strip¡¦ of urban fabric. They are surviving in an old district of Guangzhou near the historic main axis ¡V Beijing Road. The project is to explore how the inherent aesthetic quality of the structure can be revealed. By emptying the resident contents and turning the empty space into a museum, visitors are invited to explore the ¡¥new¡¦ space in the old buildings. Those residents who are to be reallocated will live in the next door - extended bamboo barrel houses. In this way, life of old urban fabric will be maintained and enjoy the new museum space as an extension of their living space.
Yip Wing Hang Wendy

The uniqueness of the Wendy's project is the sensible and workable strategy for an urban renewal in the old part of historic Guangzhou City of South China. The area is well-known for surviving traditional houses called "Bamboo Barrel Houses ", which were built on a narrow and long plots of land. Those houses have been occupied by the generations of the old residents, but most of the houses need urgently to be rebuilt. The student set herself two primary tasks; to respect the existing urban fabric which has been generating the old urban life of the area, and to regenerate the area with a new new life, without sweeping the existing residents away from the area. She started her investigations with identifying the most effective locations for the new programme; a museum, which is nothing but an emptied space of the traditional "Bamboo Barrel House", revealing the beauty of light through the narrow slots and small gaps of the old structure. She planned to accommodate the new living quotas for the existing occupants on the " museum" sites, on the adjacent bamboo barrel houses by providing additional floors to the existing structural model. It is this humble and modest attitude for responding to the renewal projects, that should be praised. Wendy's proposal is elegant and sensible.

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