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Quayside School

Part 2 Project 2003
Alice Fung
University of Bath | UK
When thinking about the significance of the school in today’s society I decided to look beyond the standard parameters one might consider and design a school that intentionally allowed for flexibility within the framework of both the educational programme and the spatial arrangement. The education of children today cannot be pigeon holed within impenetrable and finite parameters. Instead I attempted to design a school where the building programme allows for the appropriation of territory so that the student can develop levels of responsibility and social awareness outside the structured curriculum. The rigidity of the institution is softened through the buildings translucent materiality.
Alice Fung

The project was intended as a critique of the government's school programme. Alice’s project was important for the emphasis it put on the experience of being at school. The project tries to develop the relationship that a school has with its constituency.

It seems very optimistic and powerful that such an appropriate atmosphere could emerge from a strategy that relied on marshalling existing resources on the site as much as it did on new form.

The final project has a light, cloud like quality to it using simple technologies and forms: every new structure only makes sense in relation to an existing one.

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