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A Recreation Centre For The Warwick Triangle, Durban

Part 2 Project 2003
Tiffany Murray
University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban South Africa
The Project, entitled REcreation Station, looks at the ideas of establishing a landmark through the re-creation of environment and community.

The proposal explores complex themes that relate both to past and present contextual and social conditions, to create a solution that provides much needed public and recreational functions.

The muliplicity of the concepts considered ensures that the scheme achieves functional sustainability within an area previously marginalized by Apartheid Legislation.

Tiffany Murray

This project engages with a difficult site in a difficult context and successfully encompasses the very nature of the social problems within the area in a clever architectural (re)solution.

The proposal, while simple and uncomplicated, captures the essence of local culture, the frenetic bustle of the area, its scale and diversity, and provides a durable and specifically African answer to the needs of the precinct.

The project is clearly documented with attention to detail both theoretically and technically. The development of the architectural response and the engagement of this candidate in the process from concept through to presentation are highly commendable.

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