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A Sea Side Renaissance

Part 2 Project 2003
Mark Braund
University of Lincoln | UK
The project proposes a non–seasonal or event led tourism, addressing the issues of the seasonal nature of seaside resorts, providing an industry that can build upon the skills already present resulting in local; economic growth, employment and a national or perhaps even international attraction. The project aims to create a new identity for Newquay, just as has been seen in the urban renaissance, altering perception and addressing its apparent lack of iconic symbol. Conceptually the project takes pre-conceived conceptions of ‘place’, and uses these as a tool to transpose meaning. The intention being to critically question the context and respond using these paradigms to resolve pragmatic issues, producing a multifaceted architecture that reinvents, is specific, and ultimately modern.
Mark Braund

Mark has, developed an architectural approach which draws heavily on a particular reading of place. Rather than projecting a utopian architecture of technical optimism he has been concerned with the state of things as they are and how in the end they might be made, paradoxically, more like themselves but with new enthusiasm. In this project the rough peotry of the declining seaside town set against the remote character of the cliffs that was sculptured o the harsh Atlantic coastline, green golf links and dunes has informed his thinking and infilterated his project. Event, memory and the ordinary are valued and habitation is revealed with simplicity, clarity, rigour and a fresh 'newly new' optimism.

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