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center of conservation and diffusion of the photographic heritage

Part 2 Project 2003
Mario Marchant Lannefranque
University of Chile Santiago Chile
This project recognizes and values the potential of the empty lots of Santiago downtown area by generating an articulation -to the way of photography- between present and past, agitation of downtown streets and the gathered interior, physically experience and space of memory.
The project is organized around a great-patio-bearing space and heart of the project. An emptiness loaded of meaning that it´s delimited by the constructed body that re-creates and re-shapes the site and its sorroundings.
On the patio, on the central emptiness of the project, it arises -as a sign- the conservation vault. The coffer that conserves the photographic patrimony -like an architectonic symbol- of the visual memory that this project hoards and divulges.

Mario Marchant Lannefranque

The location in this consolidated urban area was a hard problem. This projects resolves it by interacting with an historic building and two 15th Century streets, configurating a new corner for and ancient city, vitalizing in that way the public space.
This project articulates two kinds of spaces: the old, squared and material with the new proposed building, much lighter, giving a sign both of vault of memory and inside of a camera.

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