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Constructing and Construing

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Bruce Doran
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
In every building there is an inherent physicality, a built form, the essence of the architecture. The architect has a role whereby he or she must work with the physical material and construction process, but also with theoretical writing and ideas. What then is the connection between the initial concept and the physically built form?

The focus of this research project is to consider the relationship between the concept and the detail of the New Scottish Parliament Building. In the process of designing the Scottish Parliament Building, Enric Miralles set out a very strong conceptual basis for the architecture. Through the medium of drawing, a study of the three successive main halls within the parliament building, in combination with a close reading of Enric Miralles’ conceptual statement, seeks to establish how the initial concepts manifest themselves within the construction of the parliament building.

The outcome takes the form of a visual essay that is written in correlation with some of the key theoretical writings of the tectonic movement. This provides the criteria with which to examine the Scottish Parliament Building, whilst offering an opportunity to observe and further understand the theories through the physical form of the Scottish Parliament Building.

Bruce Doran

Christopher Platt
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