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William Morris & The Folly of the Wretched System

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Jonathan Tinsley
Liverpool John Moores University | UK
The focus of the research for this dissertation is William Morris and the role he played in both Town & Country planning theory and practise. The study evolved from a Morris exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which developed some of the key themes in the accompanying exhibition catalogue and succeeded in bringing Morris’ ethos into the 21st century.

The study is divided into four chapters with eight sub-chapters and shifts chronologically towards the present, with each new chapter concentrating on different aspect of Morris’ thinking. It begins with a brief history of Morris’ life and work - which was intended to provide the context for how his early influences and experiences impacted upon the development of his philosophy. It goes on to explore the evolution of Morris’ ideals when adopted by his contemporaries and ends with an analysis of the enduring positive implications of his work on people of all classes.

The dissertation concludes that Morris was an important figure in the quest for gaining an understanding of what it is that makes us happy and how this happiness can be achieved through the careful integration of intelligent architecture and urban design; underpinned by Morris’ unique perspective.

Jonathan Tinsley

Stephen Bowe
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