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Designing Schools from the Eyes of Children

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Tamanna Arora
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi New Delhi India
The school as an institution builds the foundation for the future through teaching and is incomplete without teachers and children.

It is a place where children spend a lot of time therefore, the spaces should be designed such that a child is provided with variety of experiences and is motivated to come to school every day. The research attempts to bridge the gap between what we, as designers think and what children really need and want.

This research explores the importance of the quality of the built environment in the development of children, the kind of spaces which they prefer and the opinions of teachers regarding the same. This has been done with the help of four case studies which include interviews of teachers, children and children’s drawings which were analysed. Drawing speaks louder than words; hence, this idea of asking children to draw helped to identify their favourite spaces in the school. During interviews children expressed their impression of the school, favourite spaces, classroom nature connection which helped to analyse the results.

The research evokes an understanding of children and their environment through literature, stakeholder participation and personal observation, to create a thoughtful design focussing on child centric spaces.

Tamanna Arora

Jaya Kumar
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