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A Tragic Approach

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Anthony Richardson
Royal College of Art | UK
The title owes itself to two Greek gods, Apollo and Dionysus, of which Nietzsche insists such a fusion of these two characters has been marginalised throughout history. Apollo is the god of sunlight and clarity while Dionysus is the god of ecstasy and intoxication. In a society where each one of we commonly boast of a colourful mixing of cultures, our architecture must also be expressive of such an amalgam. Le Corbusier swore by the Apollo/Medusa mask which similarly boasts the clear sun rays of one deity against the messy serpents of Medusa. This dissertation explores the complex fusion of opposing characteristics at the scale of the city, building and interior, while exploring the importance of one exploring the antithesis of their current values at a later point in the career; examples include Le Corbusier's early houses versus Notre Dame du Haut or Zvi Hecker's early modernist experiments versus the Spiral Apartment House. This research is a testament to Schizophrenia as the architect's prerogative who negotiates design as both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Anthony Richardson

Barry Curtis
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