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At What Cost Are We Protecting Listed Buildings in Bath?

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Caroline Rushton
University of Bath, UK
Bath is unusual in being one of only a handful of locations in which the entire city is protected by a World Heritage City status. Due to environmental problems becoming more apparent, carbon emissions targets set by the government will affect all of us. Listed buildings are no exception, so the current attitudes towards protecting our heritage need to be reassessed.

The aim of this paper is to quantify how much these buildings in Bath could be contributing in terms of reducing the energy lost through the building fabric. However due to restrictions this is currently prohibited. Firstly, this is investigated as a whole city, looking in particular at the listed terraces. From these calculations it is clear that there is significant energy loss and carbon emissions that cannot currently be reduced.

Secondly, on a smaller scale this paper also examines a group of specific listed buildings in the form of case studies. These help to explain how the calculations from the city study may affect individual households. From this research it is clear that there are changes that the residents of Bath would like to make, if the attitudes towards protecting listed buildings were relaxed.

Caroline Rushton

Prof Paul Richens
Mr Mark Wilson Jones
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