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Contemporary Vernacular Architecture

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Jasmin Eastwood
University of Liverpool, UK
The dissertation explores how architects in the 21st century can buck the one-hundred year tend for an “international-style” and generate architecture that remains “of-its-place” despite the rise of modernisation, urbanisation, globalisation and most importantly industrialisation. Whilst the vernacular method of design relies on pre-existing forms, materials and processes, that is not to say that vernacular architecture does not evolve. As social needs adjust, it is inevitable that the area’s vernacular architecture will respond and change too.
However, this process is gradual and is in stark contrast to the rapid changes that have
occurred in the built environment from the beginning of the twentieth-century. The dissertation uses the Isle of a Skye by which to explore this trend and understand what lessons from the traditional vernacular of the Hebrides remain applicable and which 21-st century advances in technology can be used in conjunction with them to create a successful contemporary vernacular architecture.

Jasmin Eastwood

Professor Neil Jackson
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