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The Role of History and Theory in the Formal Analysis of Architectural Projects

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Nina Carolina Álvarez Zioubrovskaia
Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Colombia
This document presents the contribution of the research seminar: Instruments for the analysis of architectural composition, in the formal analysis of the building complex International Centre of Bogota. It focuses on highlighting the contribution of historical and theoretical aspects in the formulation of a project hypothesis, as without them it would not be possible to establish relationships between the analysed project and a historical background that supports it.

Both historical and theoretical aspects -which usually appear as anecdotes- were used as an instrument of analysis to verify the formal aspects of the project. Similarly, it was necessary to review the theoretical postulates of formal structures presented by different authors, and use them as instruments to help analyse the formal constitution of projects at different scales.

Nina Carolina Álvarez Zioubrovskaia

Edwin Quiroga Molano
Plutarco Eduardo Rojas Quiñones
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