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Concert Hall in Stavanger, Norway

Part 1 Project 2004
Lindsey Strachan
Robert Gordon University | UK
Situated in a prominent location at the mouth of Stavanger harbour, the proposed Concert Hall lies between Bjergsted Music Park and the city centre. Historical maps depicting the development of Stavanger show that the sea houses surrounding the shoreline of the city were originally built by the edge of the sea. The bowl shaped site and harbour edges have gradually been in-filled over the last fifty years, transforming the shape of the natural coastline. Today roads and pedestrian walkways pass in front of these waterside buildings known as the ‘Blue Promenade’ - an ongoing council project aiming to regenerate the waterfront around the harbour and city centre along to Bjergsted Park.

The proposal aims to exploit the potential of the site, providing a vital link between Bjergsted Park and the city centre. The concept involves excavating the existing site, returning the coastline back to its original form and creating a new waterfront development as an extension of Bjergsted Park. The main intention is for the concert venue to become the figurehead for this development that includes a hotel, dance studios, restaurants and shops, all serving to provide a new place for the inhabitants of Stavanger.

The main concert hall building, reminiscent of a traditional Nordic Hall provides an end point to the ‘Blue Promenade’ and a grand entrance to Bjergsted Park. The timber clad building, resembling an upturned boat, sits on a concrete plinth projecting out to sea. Sited in such a visible location, the building shall attract people from the city centre to the site. The second multipurpose auditorium is located within a concrete floating barge sitting adjacent to the SSO building, giving this hall flexibility not only in terms of acoustics and seating but in location too. It is intended that the barge can be relocated to nearby fjords and ports, taking advantage of Norway’s beautiful natural landscape and providing a unique experience for both performers and audience.

Lindsey Strachan

Located in the heart of the City of Stavanger the site for the New Concert Hall is located on the shoreline of the main fjord. Lindsey reconciled the practical needs of a modern concert hall with the history and culture in a design that is clearly from and for the city and place. The first of the two main auditoria reminiscent of a Nordic Hall provides a full stop to the city’s grand waterfront pedestrian route the Blue Promenade, from which springs a reclaimed bay with external public spaces and new waterfront buildings. The second multi functional performance space is located on a floating barge that can relocate on the network of fjords to perform in the spectacular natural landscape.

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