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Digital Viaduct, Pomona Island, Manchester

Part 2 Project 2004
Peter Morris
Manchester School of Architecture Manchester | UK
Manchester Digital Viaduct is located on Pomona Island on the southern edge of the City Centre. The 2k long island has been created over 200 years by layers of cutting edge urban infrastructure, the site has been derelict since 1950. MDV crosses the site along a digital axis that connects the key physical nodes of Manchester’s digital network linking Manchester to Salford and reconnecting the city and the redundant infrastructural networks. The viaduct is an interface between the city and digital network providing space for cutting edge cultural and commercial digital activities, the contents of the shell are infinitely upgradable.
Peter Morris

The 'Big Ditch', as the Manchester Ship Canal is known, is one of the seven wonders of the industrial world. It is not only an amazing feat of engineering but also a massive piece of urban design, which turned an inland city into the second biggest port in the UK. Since the seventies the relic remained empty near the city centre. However, by stealth, new technology was creeping under the pavements of the canal towpath: the Atlantic fibre-optic superhighway of the internet. Pete’s scheme concretises this invisible strand and makes an event-place out of disembodied time in a mechanical landscape.

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