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“A Place to Live”: A study on satisfaction of resettled communities in post-tsunami housing resettlement, with special reference to South-West Coast of Sri-Lanka

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Sakura Keppitipola
City School of Architecture Sri Lanka
Millions of people get displaced every year due to natural disasters around the world. The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 was one of the most devastating natural disasters Sri Lanka has ever encountered, destroying lives, livelihood, property and communities.

Over 98,000 houses were estimated to be rebuilt, to resettle the displaced communities. Post disaster housing delivery has been either in-situ or permanent relocation to resettlement schemes. Irrespective of the delivery type, long-term satisfaction of the beneficiaries is vital.
This study is carried out to understand the perception of long-term individual and community satisfaction related to permanent housing resettlements provided with improved socio-economic and physical infrastructure, after the Tsunami. Three resettlement projects were assessed and compared in this respect.

The findings of the study revealed, that all three cases were satisfied in the long term with regard to: ownership, rehabilitation of livelihoods and personalization of space. In delivering sustainable post-disaster resettlement housing in the future, the implementing agencies should give due consideration to community infrastructure. If the respective determinant indicators of long-term satisfaction to permanent housing resettlements are looked in a coherent manner, it will lead to delivering positive results of implementing sustainable post-disaster resettlement schemes in the future.

Sakura Keppitipola

Dimantha Weliange
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