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Water Infrastructure – Water Management Devices

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Juan Pablo Zuleta Alvarez
Pontifical Bolivarian University | Colombia
The story of water is the story of the human being on earth. It seems like a simplistic comment, but it has all the force of reality. Every form of life on the planet was made possible by the presence of this element and with it that our specie too. Through time, man has sought to tame the resource, understand its origin, its cycle, the composition and so its possible states. In the process various management systems emerged, created with the unique objective of ensuring the supply of growing societies: a matter of survival.

Today we are aware of how sterile was this anthropocentric vision with which the resource was exploited, we began to realize that water is for not only man, and in practice, there must be alternatives to mitigate the danger that future generations are in. This is where science becomes an alternative. Before the commission of a biomedicine building, we cannot find a better pretext to link these questions: architecture and science. The possibility of design a space to teach society how to manage water and make this process something visible to the inhabitants has born.

Juan Pablo Zuleta Alvarez

Walter Alonso Villa Gómez
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