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Exquisite Chimeras

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Timothy Welch
London South Bank University | UK
This dissertation is the post-mortem of a murdered Cadavre Exquis or a slain Exquisite Chimera. The discourse employs dream-thinking, figurative theory and fictional artifice as destabilizing and immersive ‘fiction as method’. These elements set the tone for the analysis of three architectural case studies.

The case studies are described architecturally using a conventional ‘reality mode’ description and then through personal memories or ‘memory mode’ fictions depicting visits to the buildings. ‘Thinking geometries’ or ‘ways of thinking’ are initially derived from the analysis of literature on the topics and the case studies are then critically analysed using the tools excavated from this research.

The text also explores architectural authorship by examining architecture as a complex hyperentity and making kin with the uncanny mix of psychological analysis, surrealist playfulness and the intersubjectivity of Allegory, Dream-thinking, Hauntology and Hyperstition.

The speculative, retrospective and fantastical fictions contained in the dissertation as fusions of text and image are entangled with current ‘thinking geometries’ and are morbidly fascinated. The dissertation provides the author and reader with enriched perspectives on architectural authorship and new devices for thinking through philosophy, psychology, aesthetics and architecture.

Timothy Welch

Maria Theodorou
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