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Medal Winner 2006

Kelvin Archive - Rare Books Repository

Part 1 Project 2006
Brian Macken
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
The Space Of The Book - Kelvin Archives - Glasgow

Is there space for a book? Is there a space for a book?
Where is our space for the book? Did the computer steal it?
Is it lost? Let’s try to find it, maybe?

My space of the book is the in-between. In-between its solidity and its ephemerality,
its longevity and its frailty, its burial and its ascension.

Brian Macken

The Repository provides a home for the extensive archives of Lord Kelvin, one of a series of significant scientific, cultural and political collections owned by the University of Glasgow. The building aimed to locate the archive physically within its Gilmourhill campus registering Kelvin’s position both in the history of the institution in the field of the physical sciences, while providing bespoke storage and study facilities for the research community. The proposal is also driven from a sustainable imperative, viewing the site, built form and building fabric as mesh of factors delivering the required environmental conditions through passive means.

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