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Time Architecture; gallery "aqua"

Part 1 Project 2006
Jae Yoon Kim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
The design started from how to correspond with the site intrinsic urban demand (Culture Park) while remaining which elements of existing conditions. It seemed to be interpreting site’s exterior and relationship between buildings is chasing invisible “relation” of occupancy sequence of objects on a table. Ultimately, the purpose of building design concept is to define the character of negative spaces which are made by objects than to define the positive space. Where generator buildings (environment for machines) were will transform to the public spaces (exhibition). The gallery gains its exteriority between exterior and thermal bath while being interior. Moreover, this presents gallery’s spatial sense of neutral as semi-interior or semi-exterior. Understanding and interpretation of existing construction and materiality achieved this spatial sense and let it developed towards to obtain its authenticity simultaneously. Using raw materials and existing massive construction condition while targeting the transformation into a very human space accomplished during experience of the materiality (touch, sound, scent of water, and a main view towards river) of a special program (thermal bath).
Jae Yoon Kim

The site is in the old power station which is planned to be developed for cultural use, and is seen as potential site for the exploration of proximities in architecture. The work of the nominated student is specific to the existing situation and shows the very fine articulation in the architectural resolution thoroughly. Urban public place made in the project represents sensitive differences between the existing and the new. By understanding the construction of architecture and materiality, the finished work archived the high level of “making” as a valid strategy for design.

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