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The Symphonic Cannon

Part 1 Project 2006
Pascal Bronner
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
'The Symphonic Cannon'
Royal Opera House, Malta.

The building is a stage for opera and theatre for the people of Malta. Resting atop the stony remains of the Royal Opera House ruins, it is like a sculpture on a plinth. And like a giant gramophone, it amplifies the orchestral sound onto adjacent streets and into Freedom square, which becomes the auditorium.

The building is equipped with its own airship. Rising into heights that can be seen from far beyond the city walls, it is a symbol of celebration and like a silent church bell draws in the crowds.

Pascal Bronner

Pascal’s opera house project is the culmination of his architectural journey this year. Through his ambitious and uncompromisingly original approach to the initial and final projects, Pascal has discovered his own anachronistic architectural language. His work is a strange and wonderful symbiosis of the archaic and the futuristic.

Pascal’s final project shows his very astute observations of the city. The building opens up to and addresses Valetta and its inhabitants in a way that is both playful and appropriate. Pascal’s architecture and graphic representation are exquisitely crafted illustrations of a unique creative talent.

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