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Museum of Post War Urban Regeneration

Part 2 Project 2007
Simon Loftus
De Montfort University | UK
Situated in Warsaw, Poland, the site itself has been subject to the devastations of war when the city was razed to the ground during WWII.

The primary aims of the museum are to create public awareness of the efforts made to reconstruct the destroyed cities of Europe. The architecture itself becomes part of the exhibition through its own regenerative properties, gained through the diverse mix of activities on offer to an area lacking in economic stability, due to inactivity.

The architectural form is representative of the dramatic subject of war, and tells the story of its contents before entering.

Simon Loftus

Reflecting on Warsaw’s traumatic history of destruction, Simon proposed a museum of urban history as destruction and reconstruction. This complex museological theme led him to a long investigation as to the contents of such a museum, and above all its spatial and architectonic presence in central Warsaw. This is a large building that embraces a number of half-destroyed older structures, and integrates them into a new urban statement. The tormented interior circuit through the museum generates jagged external forms that create a sequence of external spaces; a series of contiguous courtyards and external public spaces that address the surrounding streets.

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