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Part 2 Project 2011
Pavlina Kolcunova
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
Lost spaces of the city. Reinterpretation of the Shakespeare’s Sonnets on micro and macro scale into the event, interventions, physical form. Through this process, lost turned to poetic. Invisible parts of the city are made visible; everyone can experience a place, which exists only for the moment.

Sofia city centre is full of the gaps between stand alone buildings as well as between city blocks. These periodic interruptions are invisible for the resident of Sofia, but for newcomers are evident. The project sources from investigation of these invisible, obvious places in Sofia urban fabric, where the non-places become a new hybrid of private and semi-public spaces. The artificial temporal web is sewing the distinctions of separate private lives, two distant borders. They are opportunity for developing new urban environment, communities and identities.

Testing the analysis of the Sonnets produced another outcome in a significant public space in Sofia, which became the centre of communication network between the gaps. The place is questioned and re-imagined in order to devise alternative vision of itself as well the whole area.

Pavlina Kolcunova

Panayot Savov
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