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Constructing Territories

Part 2 Project 2012
Gordon Yung
Victoria University of Wellington | New Zealand
Constructing Territories is an architectural project that explores the relationship between occupation, food production and the city. Wellington, New Zealand, is the backdrop for an architecture created for 2050. A future where food production is folded into the city, where people can understand, try their hand at gardening, buy produce a combination that offers the potential for civic engagement. This connective architecture of the near future is about bringing vibrancy to the community that also benefits environmental and human health.

The project started through a number of experiments. The design experiments looked at the membrane between inside and outside as porous – as a site for engagement and tactility. The project then shifted to engage more directly with a hybrid program of home, market and food production. Occupation was now considered in terms of a range of scales from urbanism through to sustainable environmental systems, planting systems and the domestic. Drawing from the initial experimentation questions were raised about the containment of functions and how boundaries control and define the movement of users within an architectural space. The final project is indicative of our near future an architecture of connectivity that will ultimately expand throughout the city on various scales within the city’s urban fabric.

Constructing Territories speaks to our continual concerns over social isolation, social cohesion and connectedness within the city that is not just a local concern, but a global one.

Gordon Yung

Anne Kelly
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