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Part 2 Project 2012
Heliomet Team
London Metropolitan University | UK
SunBloc is a student-led proposal to capture the projective capacity of architectural design and construction. At a time when architecture is at an apparent crossroads and discourse is concerned with representation and narrative, ours is a proposal for an alternative material practice. Multidisciplinary collaboration and large-scale fabrication lead to a depersonalisation of the student portfolio in the search for innovation.

SunBloc is a highly insulated, lightweight, prototypical house. It relies on a composite construction system, comprised of EPS foam blocks in compression and steel cables in tension. The system lends itself to sites where access and transport is limited, such as rooftops. Currently SunBloc is tailored for the Solar Decathlon Competition but can be adapted to multiple scenarios.

SunBloc is relatively inexpensive in terms of material and a single unit can be can assembled by a small crew of unskilled workers. The foam blocks can be handled by two people and placed in a standard lift. They are formed using a handheld hotwire cutter and laser cut templates, these templates are reused as gaskets between blocks to ensure air tightness. After positioning, the whole is post-tensioned. This system was developed and form-found in conjunction with structural engineers AKT.

Year Five: Anna Nenaseva / David Rieser

Year Four: Alex Potter / Anca Trestian / Chris Perry / Georgia Neesham / Gustavo Balague / Lucas Dowsett / Nkesi Nduka / Stephen Osborn

With thanks to: Guillermo Pajares / Krists Ernstson / Steven Watson / YiJing He

Heliomet Team

Eva Diu
Nathaniel Kolbe
Jonas Lundberg
Toby Burgess
Iain Maxwell
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