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Compression architecture (anthill)

Part 2 Project 2012
Nikita Dolgoj
Moscow Architectural Institute Moscow Russia


This project is an example of socially response for crucial shortcomings of the average urban environment, formed in the late Soviet period, as follows:

1) lack of trade, service and social-cultural functions;

2) The general rarity of space and littered urban landscape, which has become an inevitable consequence hasty "extensive" industrial-construction development in a centralized economy;

3) semantic and screenplay monotony environment caused excessive rigidity of modernist zoning, which excludes productive mixing functions;

4) the disappearance of the actual measurements of the architectural development, that is monumentally designed public spaces, creating which in former times was the main subject of the architectural creativity.

Response to these challenges is development of a completely original architectural concept, which is essentially a cultural antidote or "architectural antithesis of" inferiority of post-Soviet city. Project is a model of urban living microcosm (anthill) , which incorporates all required for the function of modern urban life, decreased to the size of the single building. This building mixed in together the whole palette main urban functions - trade recreation, services, culture, education, sports, temporary accommodation and housing. The main purpose of the project is to include in the spatial structure of the building internal pedestrian street - the so-called “route architectirale” - which, in describing complex spatial trajectory peck users monumental open spaces, balconies, to natural light and panoramic Species of the city from various heights. This dynamic element is simultaneously for the spatial separation of the functional blocks, organizing them into a clear image-semantic consistency and to create exciting compositional plastic effects, which are in themselves able to provide building high traffic, regardless of the season.

The emergence of such a building on the site could significantly increase the architectural and environmental value of all of the surrounding area.

Nikita Dolgoj

Yuri Grygoryan
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