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Spitalfields Film School: Transgression > Architecture < Narrative

Part 2 Project 2012
Kirsty Pesticcio
University of the West of England | UK
Bound within a marginalised site, the Truman Brewery in London is tensioned between commercial infringement from the west and the cultural richness of the east. The film school discourages the westerly intrusion and strata’s itself vertically upon a small footprint. It seeks to amplify the authenticity of existing transgressive acts and capitalise on this to encourage a blurred margin between spatio-political realms such as private and public

The presence of film becomes a catalyst to fully immerse captives in a play with ‘rules’ and ‘limits’ to flux the state of mind between the real and unreal and the role of spectator or spectated.

Transgression as method and theory becomes key to the proposal. To transgress is to play and teeter on the limit of laws transitioning between the expected and unexpected. Building programme, societal norms of school functionality and expectation of space as ‘rules’ are challenged. To be on balance between the two poles of constraint and unlimitedness moving back and forth is where the richness of architecture will ultimately lie.

A questioning of boundaries and limits evolves into a hybridization of architectural programmes and spatial hierarchies. There is tumult in the whole, but the aim has been to reason with a level of rigour needed for the film school to function, as well as developing spaces that explode the ephemeral qualities of the event into an illusionary eroticism.

To explore transition and immersion the school is designed to work as a creation of layer (solid/veiled/superimposed). They develop a voyeuristic and inspiring discovery of scenes through cinematic transitions {dissolve-cut-focus} that translate powerfully through to its structural composition.

The building can be experienced as having three identifiable strands that evoke the passing between layers of polarized worlds; backstage, transition, theatre/stage. Each of these layered spaces beholds transgressive qualities of their own.

Beyond its core structure and programme quite literally disintegrate from stable to unstable through a method of unstitching. This fracturing of the tectonic evokes the qualities of cinematic immersion. The spectacle is constantly shifting, becoming blurred and confused as the architecture falls apart and dissipates into its immediate surrounding.

Kirsty Pesticcio

Mr Jonathan Mosley
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