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A Beautiful Box

Part 1 Project 2013
Aivita Mateika
University of Portsmouth | UK
A Beautiful Box is a project located in Brighton, UK. The site is located east from Brighton's train station and surrounded by highly elevated office buildings from north west.

The aim for the project was to create a context responsive sports hall with a structure that is integrated within the buildings fabric. Before introduction to the site massing models and exploration of different possible structures were carried out.

Throughout tests of different ideas and models the main concept for the scheme became movement of two badminton players. This idea was continued in separating volumetric model into two smaller ones creating a public route and an entrance threshold in between. The main sports hall is a double height separate volume with a viewing gallery and two badminton courts while cafe, ancillary hall and a staff area form a second volume. Both volumes dynamically relate to each other.

The first volume with the cafe faces north to provide the view down the street and is connected with an open public space. Sports halls volume with the viewing gallery is situated more south and surrounded by buildings.

Proposed design with its surrounding area is connected by pedestrian pathways and ramps. Open public space is designed for community gathering and multipurpose use.

The idea was to create a dynamic, lightweight shape that follows the concept of 'movement' and mimic the tension between two badminton players. Primary structure consists of a portal truss and hollow steel frame. Vertical columns are defined by specific angle to form a geometry and on the ground level are connected with bolted cast hinged foot. Building's four facades and roof as a fifth facade are wrapped in a unified polycarbonate material. The polycarbonate is chosen due to aesthetic and light transition qualities.

Aivita Mateika

Fabiano Lemes De Oliveira
Wendy Perring
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