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Letna Theatre

Part 2 Project 2014
Kristýna Pesrová
Czech Technical University Praha | Czech Republic
The main objective was to improve public space of Letenské square which is a significant location of Prague 7, Holešovice. Current neglected character of the space, which is defined by traffic junction and unappealing one-storey structure of a supermarket, was virtually asking for a new dominating structure. Out of several possible functions, theatre was chosen. Not only because this type of structure was missing in Holešovice, but because it has a potential to become functional and aesthetic focal point of public space.

A form of a compact building was chosen. Although it is of same scale as neighbouring buildings, it still is distinct enough to attract attention. The need of natural light in some of the spaces and at the same time pursuit of the perfect homogenous edifice led to the selection of double-skin facade. The inner skin of the building is then covered with semi-transparent skin made of perforated copper plates, which enables natural light and fresh air coming in. Of this concept only few differ: parterre with uncovered glassed-in theatre café, direct entrance into the foyer on second floor and a big scale window of theatre hall with closeable panel.

The interior of the structure is handled with maximal variability of use in mind, with unusual element of the big scale window of the theatre hall which opens new possibilities. Uncanny element is location of summer stage on top of the roof. The levelled seating platform is the only part of the structure which goes higher than cornices of the neighbouring buildings and thus becomes attracting feature of the theatre itself as the passers-by look up to the lively roof scene.

The structural counterpart of the theatre is one-storey structure which serves as an entrance of the supermarket, which is relocated to the underground space of the square. Its shape of staircase again interacts with the structure of the theatre and offers the public space new perspective.

The concept aims to create a enjoyable space for social gathering and recreation. It doesn't serve the theatre visitors only, but offers a piece of arts to passers-by, travellers, strollers, wanderers…

Kristýna Pesrová

Ondrej Císler
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