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Night Sky Observation Resort, Callanish, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Part 2 Project 2015
Gavin Garmston
University of Huddersfield | UK
The project is an astronomy centric resort, built around connectivity and human experience, and aims to bring the most invigorating aspects of outdoor living together with first rate astronomical conditions. The site offers some of the darkest skies in Europe, and the high northern latitudes create not only extended periods of winter darkness, but also a high probability of aurora sightings.

The protective nature of the building has been stripped away to a bare minimum. The users will feel the wind, hear the rain and smell the sea air. Comforts will require effort and compromise, but the user will have their senses connecting the stone under their feet to the furthest galaxies in the universe.

Gavin Garmston

Mr Gerard Bareham
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