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The Camdeboo Solar Estate

Part 2 Project 2015
John Cook
University of Westminster | UK
In an age of dramatically rising population, diminishing fossil fuel resources and the alarming and all too visible consequences of climate change, the Camdeboo Solar Estate looks to provide an alternative energy strategy and agricultural resource for South Africa’s burgeoning cities and rising energy demands. Located in a remote municipality in the semi-arid environment of the Camdeboo, its array of CSP plants are hybridised with the long practiced technique of terraced farming to enable a bountiful and economically prosperous wine industry. The masterplan arrangement, its axial pathways and internal orientations are calibrated to the positions of the celestial objects within our solar system at the time of opening, 2050. The proposal embeds a new economy of solar tourism within the region, where agriculture, energy production and celestial movements become entwined and experienced as a new form of urban / territorial restructuring at both landscape and building scale.
John Cook

Roberto Bottazzi
Lindsay Bremner
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