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Designing a Dialogue: The Market of Conversations

Part 1 Project 2015
Ben Spong
University of Brighton UK
Designing A Dialogue is a design/research based project into cybernetics, artificial intelligence and conversation theory. It is based on Broadway Market in the east end of London, a market that unfolds every Saturday allowing a vibrant atmosphere to emerge between the facades that frame it. This project aims to understand the dialogues that exist on Broadway Market between the owners, the buildings, the street and the occupants. Once understood it then weaves a new conversation through it, a new story, from which an architectural language and response is developed.

It’s a story that drives the project, a story of two people how they perceive the market and how the buildings respond to them. The conversations we have with buildings everyday that are usually implicit in the way we use them, suddenly become extremely obvious and explicit. Both characters gradually begin to become aware of one another, and through a series of three building proposals they eventually learn more about one another and about the market they are in dialogue with. They wander to a new understanding of space and their own role in the creation of it.

Ben Spong

Kyriakos Katsaros
Stefan Lengen
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