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An Activists Artificial Archipelago

Part 2 Project 2015
Natasha Giles
University of Western Australia Nedlands Australia
I believe that architecture can act as a medium for environmental activism.

There are three research components that have governed my architectural proposal. They are; Environmental Activism, Novel Ecosystems and Site Analysis.

Environmental Activism: The form of action I present here aims to both expose the narrative of crime and offer an alternative - speculative - response.

Novel Ecosystems: forcibly designed ecologies. Humanity’s relationship with nature is changing and this is where the potential of novel ecosystems becomes imperative.

Site: Swan River, Western Australia. An urban river set within a politically fuelled landscape in sufferance of environmental and social crimes.
My proposal is an overall masterplan and series of urban interventions formed of; Artificial Biodiversity Islands and Battery Reefs.

They provide action against the negative effects of climate change, population displacement and biodiversity loss.

My project is excited for the future, and is rooted in the belief that the architect’s greatest attribute lies in our being able to harness the latest technologies to project environments yet to exist. I have examined the Swan River, and have proposed a possible future which is in response to environmental realities and which generates an integrated approach to urban and natural systems.

Natasha Giles

Patrick Beale
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