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Sidon Bus Terminal

Part 1 Project 2015
Salah Eddien Missi
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
The ancient town of Sidon was settled as early as 4000 BC, or 6800 BC according to some claims. In the Old Testament, Sidon is referred to as ‘the first born of Canaan. The word for ‘fishing’ or ‘hunting’ is Saida in modern Arabic.

All over the world, the use of cars has increased over the past three decades. The growing of transportation activities had a good impact on many sites, but it also had serious problems and damage such as pollution, accidents, noise and congestion, in addition to other social and economic problems.

Since Sidon is considered as a historical city, a project had started in order to transform the city into a touristic place. In which transforming the downtown into a pedestrian area, avoiding the damage that can be caused from vehicular vibration. Thus having a terminal away from downtown area avoiding any possible harm.

The criteria of design were based on having a well functional and welcoming terminal that enhance the use of public transportation. Also the use of eco-design that help in decreasing the pollution product. In addition to have a design that can accept the future extension in a dynamic way.

Salah Eddien Missi

Hesham El-Arnaouty
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