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The Boat Hub: Fraying the Boundary Between Land and Sea

Part 1 Project 2015
Aoife Mulvenna
Ulster University | UK
Perched at the entrance of the coastal village of Glenarm, at the edge of a once busy marina, lies a forgotten plot of land. Once full of activity the site sits in silence with the exception of the waves crashing against the marina’s boulders. Harbouring over 600 fluctuating boats in the summer months due to its accessibility and tidal movements, Glenarm ties itself to international sailors. A series of small platoons allows the harbour master a platform on which to repair these visiting boats. The marina, although nestled into the coastline, still falls victim to the harsh elements of the northerly weather. With a lack of shelter, the ability to carry out such intricate boat repair work becomes determined by the workability of the weather.
The Boat Hub introduces a fitting place to house this work whilst offering a buildable solution to the modern day worry that craftsmanship is wilting in this technology infatuated era.
The space is designed to offer the public an opportunity to explore their inner craftsman. It is a haven for passion and an advocate for thinking with your hands. It seeks to form an interchangeable community through the fluctuating sailors and visitors who stumble upon it, whilst also stitching together an existing one, forming a link between Glenarm’s residents and the marina.

Aoife Mulvenna

James Luke
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