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Medal Winner 2017

Cycles of Toolmaking: An Optic, Tactile, Haptic, Material, Scalar and Pedagogic Study

Part 2 Project 2017
Daniel Hall
Cooper Union, | USA
Sited in the ceramic town Mashiko, Japan the project proposes a place for learning which responds to the attitudes towards land use; extraction of clay, ceramic craft, agriculture, water infrastructure, and the ceramic industry, to replace a school damaged in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

The thesis speculates on the relationship between a tool, what it produces, and the potentialities of that object to become a tool. A cycle of processes. These possibilities of translation between a tool and a material draw out the limits of a material’s properties and function.

Vectors, cuts, gashes, indents, seams, masses, voids, tears, outlines, color shifts, formal relationships, organizational relationships, scaler relationships articulate the oscillating space between the rigid tool and plastic matter. Patterns emerge as cycles of tools are used and misused. Embedded in the character of these patterns are indicators of time, scale, choreography of the human body, and the genealogy of tool evolution.

Utilizing this philosophy of techniques to develop a space for learning which has a 1:1 relationship between the tools that create the elements of construction, the elements of construction, the methods of building, the experience of the space, the translation of phenomena, and the curriculum of the institution.

Daniel Hall

Lauren Kogod
Mersiha Veledar
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