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Ludoteca, Barcelona

Part 2 Project 2019
Carmen Mihaela Placinta
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest Romania
The project aims to create a community core in the urban fabric of Barcelona, using a strong community sense that was already present through the building of the food market, Mercat del Ninot, that plays the role of an urban catalyser of public activity. The market becomes a place for the people, to meat and lounge.

The connection between the project, the site and the food market is direct, as the site is represented by half a block of L’Eixample, and the market is located on the other half, facing the site through its secondary façade.
Thus, the project prolongates the strong public influences of the food market onto the site, creating a sort of social market or a “ludoteca”, to best describe the playfull and nonchalant character of the communal activities that bound a community together.

Because of the importance of the food market as a building, the urban composition of the project revolves around it, framing the back façade through a vertical volume, communicating with an existing apartment building, and submerging the largest part of it below the street level, to form a hidden dimension that comes alive through hints such as skylights, tree tops and interior courtyards.

Carmen Mihaela Placinta

Alexandru Calin
Melania Dulameia
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