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Towards a New Collective

Part 2 Project 2019
Emily Po
Quentin Kun Hin Yiu
Columbia University New York City USA
This project reimagines a diverse mixture of education, research and enterprise on a decommissioned industrial site. Modular timber structures and CLT modules span between existing buildings, creating public space on the ground, which doubles as water retention area in the event of a flood. Through the process of design, we want to experiment on how spaces are created to inform new ways of thinking about work, live and play in the future, issues of sustainability and costal resiliency in the built environment, as well as to lessen the dichotomy of the old and the new through actively revitalizing existing warehouses. A new layer of meaning can be given to the site to create a deeper conversation with the context and find new synergistic relationships between seemingly contradicting ideas, like the public and private, old and the new, water and land, etc.
Emily Po
Quentin Kun Hin Yiu

Laurie Hawkinson
Alex Mann
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