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Part 2 Project 2019
Morgan Hone
University for the Creative Arts Canterbury UK
The bee population is in jeopardy, with year after year of progressive winter decline of honey bees, a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. The drastic impact this would have on our civilisation should it continue at the current rate is unprecedented. Countries such as the USA with their recent disregard for environmental policies that have been put in place to protect these pollinators, will stand to lose the most due to short term greed and arrogance.

Detroit's decline in population and resulting urban decay and collapsing land values, presents a unique situation wherein a highly serviced infrastructural grid exists in an area of low to no inhabitation. The thesis suggests that this grid affords an ideal site for implementing the Dutch agricultural model in which the intensive, technology-driven densification of farmland offers a way to maximise profits whilst saving the existing landscape ecology.

This then introduces a new economic engine, reinvigorating the greater metropolitan area of Detroit and simultaneously providing environmental benefits from the reduction of inputs and resources from the intensive methodology and a reduction in food miles. In summary, the local work-force’s currently under-utilised technical kn¬¬owledge can be re-purposed into the agricultural rather than automotive production.

Morgan Hone

Mr John Bell
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