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From the Infrastructure to the Promenade. Urban Design Padre Hurtado Avenue; New Public Walk for the El Bosque Commune

Part 2 Project 2019
Maria Jose Gomez
University of Chile Santiago Chile
It is proposed to develop an urban project that addresses the design of the public space of Avenue Padre Hurtado with the extension of subway line #2 of Santiago Metro towards El Bosque commune, consolidating a new public promenade - approximately 4.2 km/2.6 miles long – which will position that street as the main urban space allowing the community to be reunited with their environment.

The intervention allows us to rethink and optimize the use of public spaces based on three strategic concepts: urban mobility, public space and urban landscape. Under this logic urban displacement is reconfigured, distributing the flows of pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles, while decreasing speed limits, ensuring the path to a sustainable mobility system. Public space programs are enabled and activated; an urban landscape is consolidated as a green articulator of a linear esplanade.

In this way, the materialization of a public walk that stimulates social interaction is proposed, creating environments where people want to live, work and enjoy their daily lives. An urban project that allows repositioning the street as the main means of citizen interaction, responding in turn to the current and future conditions of this main artery and its commune.

Maria Jose Gomez

Osvaldo Moreno
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