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A New Hope - Modular Structures For Habitation On Mars

Part 2 Project 2019
Biser Tachev
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
Humans have always been fascinated by the mysterious nature of the celestial bodies around Earth. This interest has been transferred to the work of astronomy, astrology, architecture and many other sciences. In the last decade Mars has become centre of our desires and has every chance to become a new habitat for the future mankind. In result of vast researches of many scientific organizations, the “unthinkable” future for colonization of the red planet now it is a real possibility.

With this project my aim was to show how architects can understand, or perhaps even redefine, the concept of home in spaces that are not originally habitable. It explains what the architectural foundations are for the human well-being and what the contribution of architecture will be to space travel.

The concept applied in the project proposal is based on all engineering challenges, known methods of construction from Earth, the well-being of the inhabitants of the structures, as well as a detailed study of the shaping. The main goal is to build a self-efficient 3D printed structure of Martian building materials, with the possibility for replication and development, which can shelter and protect people from the adverse weather conditions on the planet.

Biser Tachev

Orlin Davchev
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