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Avian Air – A Tropospheric Bird Sanctuary

Part 2 Project 2019
Rachel Wakelin
University of Westminster | UK
This Tropospheric Bird sanctuary is an investigation into how Architectural storytelling can communicate anthropological concepts otherwise unseen. Traditional storytelling is fundamental to the way in which societies function and perception is propagated. By engaging with the story of an everyday, familiar entity, affected by climate change, perhaps our changing environment can become more tangible. Migration patterns of birds are dramatically changing globally and the link to climate change is fundamental. This bird watching tower is a hybrid typology of bird watching and a data park, displaying migration and climate data as experienced by the bird in its’ journey throughout the troposphere. It is based in Myanmar, one of the world’s most highly bird populated countries due to being within two of the worlds ten migration flyways.

This project has been an exploration into physically manifesting large dynamic data sets relating to psychrometric air qualities architecturally, thus data is not only displayed, but experienced. The data is entirely informative of the Architecture, in both form and internal climate, through the development of a complex building skin, passively inducing state change within the air. The experiential journey converges human and avian experience, through the various avian territories of the troposphere.

Rachel Wakelin

Lindsay Bremner
John Cook
Ben Pollock
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