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The Observer and The Observed

Part 2 Project 2019
Roslyn Blackburn
Queen's University Belfast UK
At a time of hyper-paranoia in a post industrialised society, there is a fear that is emergent in the social politics of our time; resulting in an economic order that structures our society that we have become subservient too.

The program is a higher ‘court’ concerning the people, which monitors the judiciary through everyday social encounter and discussion. A deliberate tension between control and social democracy.

By virtue of its organisation through the separation and overlapping of various routes by different users the social courts become complex by way of a labyrinthine theme. Utilising current and historic theories into physical spaces that are built around a set of stark spatial polarities set between public and private, observed and observer, accuser and accused. The interstitial spaces caught between the points of entry and routes of movement become inhabited by a network of ‘social courts’, being courtyards themselves, in the form of surrounded social programs such as a barber shop, a bar, a wine cellar, cafe and so on. Creating a public forum or small piece of city within the large, which in turn creates a form of social debate and order within a complexity of hierarchical state ruling.

Roslyn Blackburn

Catherine Blaney
Colm Moore
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