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Archive of the Liminal

Part 2 Project 2019
Jiaxin Gong
University of Johannesburg Doornfontein South Africa
The Archive of the Liminal looks to question the power of the archive and potential for the archive to be constructed in manner that would allow for the archiving of the unarchivable. The unarchivable refers to the liminal being, an individual who occupies a space that is neither here nor there and the traces they leave behind to fill the gaps in their absence.

This archive is curated to focus on the following:
Introducing the trace and the liminal
Methods of documenting trace
Methods of translating trace
Speculation of space through application of the first three categories

The archive as a body of work relies heavily on methodology and techniques used to document, analyse and understand a subject as elusive as traces produced by liminal beings. The documentation and translation of these traces adopts techniques used within other disciplines particularly arts and forensics in conjunction with the tools of an architect. Therefore the materials and media in which the drawings have been produced are crucial and have been selected for its capacity to communicate the intention of a series of drawings.

Jiaxin Gong

Sarah De Villiers
Thireshen Govender
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