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London Euston

Part 2 Project 2019
Finbar Charleson
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
The train terminals of the 19th century embodied a celebration of innovation and urban identity, an ambition set for a renaissance as emerging technology of the 21st century is met with a deeper understanding of civic life to create spaces of complexity and humanity. With the construction industry accountable for 40 per cent of global carbon emissions, a recently declared climate crisis demands a radical reappraisal of our movements and habits.

Drawing upon the rich history of construction from renewable resources, ‘London Euston’ leverages research into engineered timber to inform the design of a market hall and wintergarden above the new rail infrastructure of Euston Station.

Research into material science, sculpture, furniture, naval architecture and aviation provide a knowledge base for tests in wood lamination. Emerging tools for analysis and fabrication are utilised to test the natural anisotropic properties of timber with a high level of engineering precision. Tools and techniques are synthesised and augmented for the design of a forest of branching vaults; sheltering high-speed trains, markets and gardens. The long span structure is developed through structural analysis alongside physical prototyping, promoting the use of timber as a primary construction material to meet the demands of the city.

Finbar Charleson

Jakub Klaska
Dirk Krolikowski
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