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The Holistic Cultural Landscape: A Sustainable Liechtenstein, from Footprint Calculation to Zoning Plan

Part 2 Project 2019
David Kloeg
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
How much space do we really need? A footprint calculator shows there is simply not enough space to sustain our current lifestyle. With an increasing global population, this presents an ever expanding gap. Underlying this problem, is a more fundamental conflict between humans and their surroundings, and with nature as a whole. This global problem and its underlying causes results in a proposal for a new, sustainable design of living for Liechtenstein.

On a philosophical level, this thesis is grounded in reconnecting the human with its environment and with nature as a whole. On a materialistic level, an analysis is made of the basic needs per person and the square metres needed to fulfil them. Several reduction strategies are presented. The numbers are projected on the society and the country of Liechtenstein. Culminating in the proposition of a sustainable zoning plan.

The resulting design is a linear settlement at the bottom of the mountain. Agricultural fields are situated on the fertile flat land, while higher up, the mountain provides ample space for forest and grazing pastures. All in all, implementing the presented measures and proposals, this thesis shows that a maximum of 59.600 people could live in Liechtenstein sustainably.

David Kloeg

Dietrich Schwarz
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