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The Eden Paradox

Part 2 Project 2019
Jia Wen (Christie) Tan
Cressy Lopez
University of Sheffield | UK
The Eden Paradox facilitates a polemical programme combining; ex-prisoners and opiate production within Grimsby. Functions and processes of the project are derived from developing a narrative challenging the notions of paradise. We have evolved the project through design and theoretical exploration, understanding that paradise is embedded in deep subjectivity, achievable with adequate provocation.

Our project is presented as a multi-layered and idealistic realisation of our research question - How Can Architecture Act as a Vessel to Critique Social Paradoxes? The scheme, much like its paradoxical stakeholder groups, merges various architectural typologies, that of factory production alongside communal facilities and housing. This helps to explore the juxtapositions of spaces and the inherent tensions vested within the betwixt.

We see our building as ‘Frankenstein’, taking a stance vested within the power of creation. The buildings are a collection of ambivalent elements all perceived to be good to bring about the creation of an oddity. It is a celebration of the gleaning of values across conceptual and architectural frameworks, challenging normative design, arguably an iterative conglomeration of established typologies scrutinised through personalised lens. Architecture is realised as a ‘social act’, a tool for perpetuating change within the society, achieving physical solutions for seemingly intangible problems.

Jia Wen (Christie) Tan
Cressy Lopez

Bryan Davies
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